Intervall Spinning 2023

Genres: nordic soundtrack, art pop, dance pop, pop, acoustic cover
Total Tracks: 367
Playlist Followers: 84
Duration: 5h 24m

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Good Vibes:
125 BPM
Has Vocals
Emotion: Ecstatic
Emotion Category: Happy

The “Intervall Spinning 2023” playlist is a robust compilation of 367 tracks curated to power through interval spinning sessions with a dynamic flair.

Within this extensive collection, 100 tracks come packed with data to guide listeners through the peaks and troughs of their workout. The genres span from the cinematic sweeps of nordic soundtrack to the experimental echoes of art pop, the rhythm-driven dance pop, mainstream pop, and the personal touch of acoustic covers.

Spanning a total of 5 hours and 24 minutes, the playlist is an excellent accompaniment for long-duration spinning classes or multiple back-to-back sessions, designed to maintain high energy and prevent any monotony.

A following of 84 indicates a growing community of spinners who have found the rhythm and beat that match their spinning stride.

The medium tempo of 125 BPM is ideal for interval training, offering a steady beat that can help maintain a consistent pedaling rate during the intense bursts and the slower-paced recovery periods typical of interval spinning workouts.

With a mode average of 1 and a mode value of 0.7, the playlist leans towards a major key predominance, which typically conveys a more upbeat and positive musical vibe, perfectly aligning with the high spirits of an invigorating spin session.

Vocals are a staple across the playlist, providing the motivational push with their lyrical inspiration and the relatable human touch that keeps the spinner engaged and mentally stimulated.

A speechiness index of 0.064216 ensures that the lyrics complement rather than dominate, letting the rhythms and melodies be the driving force behind the workout intensity.

The danceability factor stands at 0.63014, promising that each track has a groovy backbone that encourages movement, making the sessions not just a workout but a dance party on the bike.

The emotion exuding from the playlist is ecstatic, with a happy emotional category, setting the tone for an upbeat and energizing spinning experience that’s as joyful as it is sweaty.

In essence, the “Intervall Spinning 2023” playlist is your high-energy, feel-good musical engine for interval spinning, offering an eclectic mix of sounds that promise to keep the pedals turning and the heart pumping. It’s a rhythmic celebration designed to elevate both mood and performance, perfect for anyone looking to infuse their workout with an ecstatic dose of musical adrenaline. #IntervalEnergy #SpinningSoundtrack #EcstaticExercise