Fast Spinning

Genres: barbadian pop, pop, urban contemporary, dutch house, dutch trance
Total Tracks: 113
Playlist Followers: 51
Duration: 6h 25m

Mood-Matched Activities for Your Playlist

Good Vibes:
128 BPM
Has Vocals
Emotion: Ecstatic
Emotion Category: Happy

“Fast Spinning” is a high-energy playlist that sets the perfect tempo for activities like running, spinning, and dancing. With genres ranging from Barbadian pop to Dutch house and trance, the selection infuses a global pop and electronic vibe into your workout or party.

The playlist boasts 113 tracks, with data available for 100 of them, indicating a well-curated collection with consistent qualities.

It has attracted 51 followers, a group likely drawn to its pulsating rhythms and upbeat atmosphere. The total duration of the playlist stands at 6 hours and 25 minutes, offering an extended mix for lengthy sessions or multiple workouts.

The beats per minute (BPM) are set at a brisk 128, which is typical for genres that keep your heart rate up and your body moving. This tempo falls into a medium range for workout music, providing a steady beat for high-intensity activities without becoming overwhelming.

With a mode value of 0.49, the playlist likely offers a balance between major and minor keys, contributing to a dynamic musical experience that can be both uplifting and intense.

Vocals are a feature in this playlist, adding a human element that can be motivating and engaging for listeners. The presence of lyrics and melodies can also provide a mental distraction from the physical exertion of a workout.

The speechiness rating of 0.078647 indicates that there are some spoken-word elements in the tracks, which could include motivational phrases or rhythmic speaking that complements the music’s energy.

A high danceability score of 0.69441 reflects the playlist’s suitability for dance and movement, with tracks that likely have a strong groove and rhythm that make it hard to stay still.

Emotionally, the playlist is characterized by an ecstatic mood, fitting for a collection designed to elevate the spirit and energize the body. This is further emphasized by the emotion category being listed as happy, promising a feel-good experience that can enhance the joy of physical activity.

The “Fast Spinning” playlist is an ecstatic selection of tracks tailored for those looking to infuse their physical activity with joyous energy and rhythmic inspiration, making it an ideal soundtrack for anyone wanting to turn their exercise routine into an exhilarating dance party. #WorkoutPlaylist #EnergeticBeats #JoyfulRhythms #ExerciseMusic