Music for spinning classes

Genres: pop soul, dance pop, pop, candy pop, electropop
Total Tracks: 50
Playlist Followers: 39
Duration: 3h 29m

Mood-Matched Activities for Your Playlist

Good Vibes:
126 BPM
Has Vocals
Emotion: Ecstatic
Emotion Category: Happy

The “Music for spinning classes” playlist is a vibrant collection designed to fuel high-energy spinning workouts with a pulse-pounding selection of 50 tracks.

The playlist is a melting pot of pop soul, dance pop, pop, candy pop, and electropop genres, ensuring a lively and diverse musical landscape that’s perfect for keeping the momentum high in a spinning class.

With a total duration of 3 hours and 29 minutes, the playlist is long enough to cover several spinning sessions or one epic endurance ride. Despite a modest following of 39, this playlist packs a punch with every beat, offering a soundtrack that can keep the pedals moving and the spirits high.

Set at a medium tempo with a BPM of 126, the playlist hits the sweet spot for spinning, providing a consistent rhythm that’s neither too fast nor too slow, perfect for a variety of cycling speeds and intensities.

The mode average of 1, with a mode value of 0.54, suggests a balanced mix of major and minor keys, creating an emotional range that can inspire both determination and joy throughout a workout.

Vocals feature prominently across the playlist, infusing each track with human emotion and a narrative that can mentally engage spinners as they push through their physical limits.

Speechiness at 0.068732 points to just the right amount of lyrical content to keep things interesting without overwhelming the fundamental beats and rhythms necessary for maintaining a steady cadence.

A high danceability score of 0.69364 ensures that every track is loaded with infectious grooves, making it impossible not to move to the music, whether on two feet or two wheels.

Ecstatic and bursting with happy vibes, the emotion of the playlist is designed to elevate the mood and energy levels of listeners, making it an ideal companion for the dynamic movements and spirited atmosphere of a spinning class.

Overall, “Music for spinning classes” is a perfectly curated playlist that brings an ecstatic and joyous ambience, poised to become the go-to soundtrack for spinning enthusiasts eager to ride to the rhythm of upbeat and energetic tunes. #PopEnergy #SpinClassBeats #WorkoutPlaylist #EcstaticRhythms