Soft Feminine Aesthetics

Genres: art pop, pop, alt z, boston folk, indie pop
Total Tracks: 92
Playlist Followers: 1
Duration: 5h 9m

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Good Vibes:
120 BPM
Has Vocals
Emotion: Calm
Emotion Category: Calm

“Soft Feminine Aesthetics” is a playlist that embraces the gentle and serene side of music with a compilation of 92 tracks, all of which provide data to enrich the listening experience.

The collection traverses a variety of genres, from the experimental nuances of art pop to mainstream pop, the fresh sounds of alt z, the traditional tones of Boston folk, and the heartfelt melodies of indie pop.

With a duration of over 5 hours, this playlist is a testament to the soothing power of music, perfect for activities that require a calm and nurturing backdrop.

Its single follower is perhaps a curator with a fine ear for tracks that embody the soft and feminine aesthetic, or a solitary listener who has discovered a personal sanctuary within these harmonies.

The playlist maintains a medium tempo of 120 BPM, a rhythm that mirrors the heartbeat at rest, promoting relaxation and introspection. This steady pace provides a tranquil soundscape for the yoga mat or any space in need of calming energy.

A high mode average of 1, with a mode value of 0.85869565217391, suggests a collection predominantly in a major key, offering a sense of brightness and positivity that is often associated with feelings of comfort and warmth.

Vocals grace the playlist, adding a layer of human expression and intimacy to the music, guiding listeners through a journey of gentle reflection and solace.

The speechiness level of 0.052466304347826 indicates a subtle presence of lyrics, allowing for the instrumental aspects to shine and the words that are present to resonate more deeply without overwhelming the listener.

Danceability scores a 0.537, suggesting a moderate ease of movement, ideal for the gentle sway of a yoga practice or simply swaying in time with the music during moments of relaxation.

The prevailing emotion here is calm, matched by the playlist’s categorization as such, creating an atmosphere of peace and softness that envelops the listener.

In essence, “Soft Feminine Aesthetics” is more than a playlist; it’s a haven for tranquility, a musical embrace that holds space for gentle movement and quiet moments. It is an invitation to unwind and connect with the softer side of life, offering a soundscape that complements the fluidity of yoga and the quietude of a reflective day. #SoftMelodies #FeminineHarmony #CalmChords