music for writing college essays & crying

Genres: canadian contemporary r&b, lgbtq+ hip hop, neo soul, boy band, rap
Total Tracks: 59
Playlist Followers: 817
Duration: 3h 11m

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Good Vibes:
115 BPM
Has Vocals
Emotion: Peaceful
Emotion Category: Calm

“Finish Your Supplements” is a playlist that marries the soulful rhythms of Canadian contemporary R&B with the expressive beats of LGBTQ+ hip hop and neo-soul, interspersed with the nostalgic vibes of boy bands and the raw energy of rap.

It’s a sonic companion for the academic grind, a shoulder to lean on with 59 tracks, 49 of which come with detailed analytics, spanning 3 hours and 11 minutes of music that’s as diverse as it is emotive, with a total playtime of 11,518,361 seconds.

The playlist has attracted 817 followers, a community of students and essayists alike who find solace and motivation in its melodies.

With a medium BPM tempo of 115, it strikes a balance between a contemplative and an energizing backdrop, making it suitable for both fervent typing and introspective pauses.

A high mode score of 0.87755102040816 with an average of 1 indicates a prevalence of major keys, uplifting the spirit and bringing a sense of hope and resilience to the often-stressful task of essay writing. The presence of vocals throughout the playlist adds a human touch, offering comfort and companionship through the studious solitude.

With a speechiness score of 0.053234693877551, the playlist promises clear lyrical content, making it engaging without being overwhelming. A danceability score of 0.55583673469388 suggests a groove that can keep the energy levels steady, ideal for long writing sessions.

Categorized under the emotion of peaceful and the calm emotion category, this collection of songs is designed to soothe frayed nerves and bring a moment of peace amidst the storm of deadlines and expectations. It’s a musical hug for those nights when the essay seems endless, and the dawn, all too near. #EssayWritingMusic #StudyPlaylist #CalmVibes #AcademicMotivation