Noise Canceling

Genres: white noise, environmental, ocean, water, rain
Total Tracks: 175
Playlist Followers: 71537
Duration: 2h 35m

Mood-Matched Activities for Your Playlist

Good Vibes:
93 BPM
No Vocals
Emotion: Calm
Emotion Category: Calm

Dive into pure tranquility with the “Noise Canceling” playlist, a carefully curated collection of 175 tracks where the genres of white noise, environmental sounds, and the soothing symphonies of ocean, water, and rain coalesce to create an oasis of calm.

With a total duration of 2 hours and 35 minutes, this playlist is a sanctuary for those seeking solace from the clamor of everyday life. Each track, set at a gentle 93 BPM, is meticulously chosen to foster an environment conducive to sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

A testament to its efficacy and appeal, “Noise Canceling” has already garnered the attention of 71,537 followers. It is an auditory shield against the outside world, ensuring that listeners can find a moment of peace whenever needed.

With no vocals to interrupt the soothing soundscape, this playlist is your personal cocoon of serenity. Whether you’re looking to drift off into a deep sleep, engage in a meditative practice, or simply need a moment of respite, “Noise Canceling” offers a consistent stream of auditory bliss. Press play and let the restorative power of nature’s own lullabies wash over you, as you step away from distraction and into a world of peacefulness. #WhiteNoise #SleepSounds #MeditationMusic