focus LOTR

Genres: canadian classical, canadian soundtrack, middle earth, orchestral soundtrack, scorecore
Total Tracks: 39
Playlist Followers: 83
Duration: 2h 55m

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Good Vibes:
90 BPM
No Vocals
Emotion: Calm
Emotion Category: Calm

The “Focus LOTR” playlist is a tranquil yet emotive musical journey, capturing the essence of the original Lord of The Rings Trilogy.

It’s a selection crafted to accompany not only rigorous study sessions but also to add a dimension of peace to relaxing days.

Contained within this collection are 39 tracks that resonate with the soul-stirring landscapes of Middle Earth. With genres spanning from Canadian classical and soundtrack to orchestral soundtrack and scorecore, the music encapsulates the epic and mythical aura that the trilogy is renowned for.

Over the course of 2 hours and 55 minutes, equating to 10,548,706 seconds, the playlist unfolds a narrative of sound that is at once familiar to fans of the series and universally calming to any listener.

With a BPM tempo set at a leisurely 90, each piece progresses with a gentle cadence that lulls the mind into a state of serenity, perfect for concentration or contemplation. The mode value of 0.64102564102564, with a mode average of 1, suggests a mix that leans towards major keys, often associated with positive and hopeful emotions.

The absence of vocals is intentional, providing a pure instrumental experience that allows for introspection and mental clarity without the distraction of lyrics. A speechiness index of 0.041976923076923 assures a minimal presence of spoken words, preserving the instrumental purity of the playlist.

A danceability score of 0.15569743589744 indicates that the music is less about rhythm and more about creating an ambiance conducive to stillness and emotional depth.

Emotionally categorized as calm, the “Focus LOTR” playlist is a harmonious backdrop for activities that require tranquility of mind. Whether it is for studying or unwinding, the playlist is an excellent audio setting for sleep or meditation, inviting the listener to drift into the fantastical realms of Middle Earth while remaining anchored in the task at hand. #LOTRFocus #OrchestralCalm #MiddleEarthMusic #StudyWithLOTR